Quality Policy

It is the policy of TOV MEDICAL to provide high quality products and services that consistently meet the needs and expectation of our customers and the regulatory requirement of the medical industry.

High quality products, and continuous improvement, are the pivotal of our business philosophy.

TOV MEDICAL management is committed to:

  • Manufacturing, import, Marketing and Distributing products of high quality, to meet customer requirements, while following national and  international standards and regulations.
  • Maintaining open channels of communication with our customers.
  • Setting up a quality management system that defines the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures and processes necessary for making sure our products are of high quality.
  • Devoting the resources required for implementing this system and maintaining its effectiveness.
  • Keep well-trained and qualified personnel, which are up-to-date with regulatory demands.
  • Create atmosphere that will influence TOV MEDICAL’s employees to keep improving and to strive to make TOV MEDICAL a lead company in its field.
  • We will strive to work with high quality suppliers and sub-contractors, who can guarantee the supply of quality products that are safe, and that their quality management systems is accredited and approved.

Simon Amselem, CEO


Madrid, 1st October 2018